Introducing our NEW Alpine Road Prosecco Piccolos

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Introducing our NEW Alpine Road Prosecco Piccolos

Introducing our new Alpine Road Prosecco Piccolos, now under crown seal and one of the few in Australia made using the Charmat method.

Why Crown Seal?

Crown seal closures are being used increasingly as the sparkling closure of choice. It is used by traditional method sparkling producers around the world, including Champagne, to seal their wines during secondary fermentation and the subsequent maturation time of as many as 20 years before disgorging, thanks to the crown seal closure’s reliability and mechanical integrity which allows it to hold and maintain pressure. These sparkling wines are later riddled, disgorged and resealed with cork, wire cage and foil hood. Many pétillant–naturel (natural sparkling wine) producers who don’t disgorge choose to release their sparklings in all their crown-sealed glory. The final very important quality parameter that crown seal closures provide is that they are neutral and do not impart any flavours or taints to the wine. It’s the best technical closure to seal our range of Prosecco’s.

A New Generation of Prosecco from Gapsted Estate

Should you judge a wine by its closure? Not always, but in this case it hints at our wines quality and longevity while quietly reinforcing Gapsted Estate’s pursuit of wine excellence. The fruit selection for our Alpine Road Prosecco is about freshness and generous varietal fruit. Using the Charmat method (a secondary fermentation to create the bubbles and an additional small amount of alcohol) for our Alpine Road Prosecco allows better retention of the bubbles and a finer, smaller bubble in the glass. It also provides better integration of the dosage (the small addition of sugar to balance the wine) and showcases the intensity of fruit characters on the nose and palate. It’s our sweetest Prosecco style, but as always balance is essential and the key to a great sparkling.

Andrew Santarossa
CEO & Chief Winemaker

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