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This is the latest range of Taster Packs, available to Gapsted Wine Club members. These Packs contain a selection of our best wines, and are delivered free of charge within Australia* to members.

Not a member of the Gapsted Wine Club, or you'd like to upgrade your membership? To save up to 25% on this Taster Pack and future wine purchases, and receive free delivery*, join today!
* Excludes Northern Territory addresses 

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  1. Summer Taster Pack (Mixed 6)
  2. Summer Taster Pack (Mixed 12)
  3. Summer Taster Pack (Red 6)
  4. Summer Taster Pack (Red 12)
  5. Summer Taster Pack (White 6)
  6. Summer Taster Pack (White 12)
  7. Gapsted Estate’s Discovery Pack - 6 Pack
  8. Australian Alternative Varieties GOLD MEDAL 6 Pack
  9. Sparkling Wine Taster Pack
  10. Prosecco Taster Pack