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Gapsted Estate, located in Victoria's High Country, is a family-owned award-winning Australian winery with a strong focus on emerging and alternative varieties. Established in 1997, the collaboration of winemakers and viticulturalists used their combined expertise to select the ideal site in North East Victoria. The construction of the winery began with storage and fermentation tanks constructed onsite along with a small crushing facility. The commitment and dedication to producing exceptional wines over the past 26 years has earned a loyal following of wine lovers who appreciate the authenticity and integrity behind each bottle.

The quality and authenticity of our wines has led the portfolio expansion from approachable, joyful wines through to the development of benchmark, prestige wines. Gapsted Estate is renowned for producing exceptional wines from alternative grape varieties that thrive in the Alpine Valleys that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to excellence and the driving force behind our winery and team. By crafting wines of purity, precision and power while nurturing the individuality of the Alpine Valleys and the personality of each variety, we take our customers on an exciting journey of discovery.

Gapsted Estate is a modern, state of the art facility that is capable of crushing up to 5,000 tonnes while having the ability to handle small, premium parcels from vine to bottle. Our current export markets include Norway, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. Our well-known and award-winning brands include:

High Country – Rich in history and personality, the wines are an expression of the true potential of the cool climate Alpine Valleys wine region, embracing its unique terroir, whilst capturing the individual character of each variety. The wines are thoughtfully crafted, harmonious, age-worthy and a pure expression of the Victorian High Country.

Alpine Road – The Great Alpine Road stretches across Victoria’s North-East, from the country town of Wangaratta over the Victorian Alps to the coastal settlement of Bairnsdale. The Alpine Road range of wines takes you on a similar journey. Visit a favourite place or discover an exciting new destination along a road less travelled.


Our sibling wine company, Victorian Alps Wine Co. sources premium grapes from Victoria’s finest grape growing regions. Our winemaking team crafts classic and emerging varieties into wines that are approachable, varietal, and exceptional value. Our trusted and award-winning brands include:

Valle del Re - The King Valley is known for its stunning natural beauty, rolling hills and fertile soils. Perfect conditions for growing grapes. Valle del Re is a celebration of the King Valley’s Italian varieties and a tribute to the passion of the growers and winemakers that call this wine region home.

The Buffalo - The Buffalo range is an ode to the spectacular jewel of Victoria’s Alpine region that is Mount Buffalo. Home to unique plants found nowhere else in the world, granite tors, stunning sunsets, waterfalls and epic views.

Hidden Story - The Hidden Story range is a collection of wines that tell a clear and powerful story of Victoria's rich winemaking heritage. Crafted with the utmost care and passion, these wines are made exclusively from the finest grapes sourced from within Victoria.

Mariposa - This wine captures the vibrancy and freshness of the Moscato family of grape varieties and is bursting with fruit flavours while retaining a refreshing spritz finish.

Sunday Drive - The ‘Sunday Drive’ range of wines have been crafted to reflect this joyful endeavour and the nostalgia of a long country drive with no destination and no rush.

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