Introducing Victorian Alps Wine Co.

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Introducing Victorian Alps Wine Co.

We have always kept an eye on the horizon at the Victorian Alps Wine Co. This visionary outlook combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, firmly instilled by the founding families of the Victorian Alps Wine Co. has allowed us to put down strong roots in the Alpine Valleys. In step with being an innovative company, we have conducted a thorough review of our business and wine brands.
Gapsted Estate will focus on emerging varieties such as Tempranillo, Saperavi, Albarino, Grand Manseng and Prosecco while respecting and celebrating the classic varieties of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. These varieties thrive in the cool climate of Victoria’s Alpine region while allowing the expression of our authentic personality through joyful discovery.  Our ongoing commitment to wine excellence has allowed our winemaking philosophy to evolve. We tell an honest and true story of place and time as we thoughtfully craft wines that are harmonious, elegant and age-worthy.
Our sibling, Victorian Alps Wine Co. will source premium grapes from Victoria’s finest grape growing regions. Our winemaking will craft classic and emerging varieties into wines that are approachable, varietal, and exceptional value. It’s where you will find The Buffalo, Hidden Story and Mariposa Moscato. It’s also where you’ll occasionally find other wines from our family in exclusive pop-up sales, so make sure you follow @victorianalpswineco to stay up to date!
Our King Valley vineyards are an important part of our rich history and storytelling. Victorian Alps Wine Co. has launched a new premium On Premise Only range, Valle del Re (translating to Valley of the King in Italian), to celebrate the best Italian varieties out of the King Valley. Valle del Re wines are exclusively available in hospitality venues in Victoria, NSW and Queensland so keep an eye out for it on your favourite wine list soon!
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