Gapsted Wines 2022 Harvest Diaries 3rd Edition

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Gapsted Wines 2022 Harvest Diaries 3rd Edition

Gapsted 2022 Harvest Diaries 3rd Edition. Sharing personal insights into our harvest journey – the people and the stories behind Gapsted Wines.

We are well and truly into vintage now with 99% of our whites in aside from the Grand Manseng to be harvested from our estate vineyard. Back in 1979, what was thought to be Petit Manseng was imported into Australia by the CSIRO and planted across Australian vineyards including the estate vineyard here at Gapsted Wines. In recent years, DNA testing discovered the variety was in fact Grand Manseng, not Petit Manseng. In good news for those of you who loved our “Petit Manseng”, it might just make a comeback labelled under the correct varietal name “Grand Manseng” in a new #secret range.

We have just started to get our first batches of Pinot Noir into the winery which we are very excited about. Being a very fragile variety to grow, we are very pleased that it has been nursed through the growing season beautifully and we hold very high hopes for what we have received so far.
Depending on upcoming weather events, we’ll have a little break before we get into our other reds. If the sparkling bases and whites anything to go on, we are looking at an exceptional 2022 vintage.


Lachie started off in mechanical plumbing / air conditioning and then joined the navy, did an electrical fitters course and was an operator on board the ships. Following that he turned his sights to the wine industry and is doing his first ever vintage with Gapsted Wines. Lachie was drawn to Gapsted for its high standards for wine production, the climate and the beautiful country area it resides in. He’s really looking forward to learning the whole process and to be involved in everything from crushing the grapes to the finished product. Welcome to the team Lachie!

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