2022 Vintage Update - February

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2022 Vintage Update - February

It’s another different growing season that is continuing to throw up challenges. The vineyard team has continued to react quickly and decisively and we are in an excellent position. For the full year 2021 we beat our average rainfall for the year and it is wonderful to look out to the green grass, luscious vines, and a general sense of excitement and anticipation before the onset of harvest. The winery team is in place for the start of harvest with a great mix of youth and experience.

Veraison is now complete, with the grapes beginning to increase in size as they accumulate sugars and develop aroma compounds. It is during this ripening phase, that acid levels begin to fall within the grapes. The acids continue to fall and the sugars continue to rise until they are perfectly balanced and ready for harvest. We began maturity testing this week and the balance of sugar, pH and acid is very encouraging along with intense flavours in the fruit, and no greenness or hardness.  It is the start to harvest that you always wish for although a lot of the team are starting to get itchy feet.

Since its establishment in 1997, Gapsted Wines has focused on crafting wines that have distinct character and poise while speaking clearly of its variety and origin. Our goal is to provide a precise translation, while capturing the sense of place and time in every bottle. We can’t wait to present to you our Vintage 2022 wines.

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