Gapsted Estate 2024 Harvest Diaries - 2nd Edition

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Gapsted Estate 2024 Harvest Diaries - 2nd Edition

The glorious weather run of late Summer has continued and nothing captures this better than a spectacular sunset looking out over the Estate property. Every sunset brings back memories of the day and allows a moment to reflect. The team has been getting through a mountain of work, asking lots of questions and putting in a fantastic effort for which we can only say thank you. This week is critical with cool nights and mild to warm days allowing us to harvest some of our premium white and sparkling varieties at optimum ripeness – Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Prosecco. Of particular note is the harvest of our Estate Chardonnay from the Merrawarra vineyard. A lot of work has been completed over the last twelve months to refine and better understand the vineyard as well as redefine our Alpine Valleys Chardonnay style. Stay tuned!

“A meal without wine is called breakfast.” – W.C Fields

Introducing vintage crew member Hanhee from South Korea. This is Hanhee’s first vintage, but she’s worked in the Gapsted Estate vineyard for a few months now. She has been in Australia for 8 months, starting in Brisbane and Sydney before moving down to our beautiful region. Hanhee wanted to work at Gapsted Estate for new experiences, to meet “beautiful cool workers” and to immerse herself in the Australian culture. She loves wine and the popularity of Australian wines drew her to vineyard work here in Australia, having always been curious about how to make wine. She loves living in the region and is looking forward to going to the local rock climbing gym with her fellow ”cool workers” and exploring the region in her downtime.

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