Gapsted Estate 2024 Harvest Diaries - 3rd Edition

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Gapsted Estate 2024 Harvest Diaries - 3rd Edition
We are well and truly into harvest with about 80% of our sparkling and whites harvested and safely in the winery. This week has been critical with cool nights and warm days allowing us to harvest the balance of our sparkling and white varieties at optimum flavour and sugar ripeness – Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. A few more days and the sparkling and white varieties harvest will be finished and we will make the transition to our Pinot Noir fruit parcels from the Alpine Valleys and King Valley.

Optimum Grape Ripeness and Harvest Decision.
In the months and weeks leading up to harvest, our winemakers are busy in the vineyards; assessing, analysing and tasting the grapes. Harvesting grapes at exactly the optimum time depending on the variety, the wine region and the intended style of wine along with the predicted weather forecast, requires patience, knowledge and an artist's ability to translate potential into a clear vision.

“Making good wine is a skill, making fine wine is an art.” – Robert Mondavi

2024 Vintage Crew - Introducing Alan & Agustina from Argentina.
This is the first vintage for both Alan & Agustina. Alan has been in Australia for 2 years now working various other farm jobs including grain harvesting, kitchen work and mine work. So far winemaking has been his favourite job. Agustina has been in Australia since 2018 doing farming jobs, waitressing and cleaning and has been wanting to do a vintage for some time, so was thrilled when Alan found vintage crew vacancies at Gapsted Estate. Alan chose to apply for a role at Gapsted Estate as the winery is the perfect size to get involved in many different areas and he is learning a lot. Agustina is finding every single part of the job interesting from crushing grapes to adding yeast. Both are enjoying working with the Gapsted Estate vintage crew and love the landscape of the North East, they are looking forward to when they have more time to explore!
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