Gapsted Wines 2022 Harvest Diaries 4th Edition

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Gapsted Wines 2022 Harvest Diaries 4th Edition

Gapsted 2022 Harvest Diaries 4th Edition. Sharing personal insights into our harvest journey – the people and the stories behind Gapsted Wines.

The glorious mild run of Autumn weather has continued and this has led to a small break before we start taking in our traditional and alternative red varieties. These wonderful conditions will ensure that we maintain maximum freshness and acidity, but have that important combination of ripe flavours and tannins.

One of the important winemaking decisions is how to harvest. Traditional hand-harvesting and mechanical harvesting are the two routes that a winery can take to get the grapes off the vine and ready for crush. Hand-harvesting affords a very precise selection and control. It tends to do a better job of protecting the grape’s juice content from oxidation due to damaged skins and is ideally suited to some vineyards. Technical advances in mechanical harvesters allow for an efficient, cost-effective, and now very selective process. The type of harvest—hand-picking, mechanical harvesters, or a combination of the two, is largely influenced by the variety and winemaker’s final wine style goals.
"I drink and I know things." –Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones


This is Daniel’s second vintage with Gapsted Wines and 25th vintage overall. He’s worked mostly in the US and Australia, splitting his time 50-50, doing a harvest here in Australia then a harvest over in the US. Daniel is a winemaker by trade and is now enjoying going back to the basics and keeping it simple. He really enjoys the down to earth, hands-on approach by the Gapsted winemakers and it’s refreshing that it’s a smaller winery than others he’s worked at so it’s great to learn the different processes in use here.

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