Gapsted Estate 2023 Harvest Diaries 1st Edition

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Gapsted Estate 2023 Harvest Diaries 1st Edition

Welcome to the Gapsted Estate 2023 Harvest Diaries. The best description of the 2023 growing season is being on a rollercoaster, you never really appreciate it until the end! The winemaking team has very high hopes for the quality of the 2023 vintage and look forward to sharing these wines with you in the future.

The 2023 harvest officially commenced for Gapsted Estate today, 1st March, with Chardonnay from Cavedon’s vineyard in the King Valley. This was picked at 2am this morning during the coolest part of the day to maintain the fresh and pristine sparkling Chardonnay flavours and the fine natural acid backbone which is essential for making beautiful, ethereal sparkling wines. Harvest will continue on Thursday morning with the picking of delicate Pinot Grigio fruit from a valued Alpine Valleys grower destined for our Sparkling Pinot Grigio Rose. Also on Thursday we take in our first Savagnin fruit of the harvest. This lessor known variety from France has enormous potential, with this small batch earmarked for a new and exciting sparkling wine. Friday morning gives us our first glimpse of King Valley Pinot Grigio fruit. The perfect picking window for crafting a crisp, fresh, joyful expression of this wonderful dry white wine.
“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
Andrew Santarossa
CEO & Chief Winemaker


Rosalia is from Uruguay and has been in Australia since 2018 on a working holiday. This is her second Australian vintage and first here at Gapsted Estate, but she is more than familiar with vintage work given her family own a winery back home. Rosalia loves the diversity of our region and when she’s not working at wineries and enjoying the beautiful hikes, you’ll find her at Hotham during the ski season. With an avid interest in winemaking, Rosalia is keen to learn as much as she can during this vintage with Gapsted and is especially enjoying learning about the vines and the grafting process we are currently undertaking. Welcome to the team Rosalia!

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