Meet Charles

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Meet Charles
Our apprentice chef Charles has been with Gapsted for almost 3 months now so we thought it high time we introduced him!

Charles moved to our beautiful region from Melbourne 3 years ago to take advantage of the relaxing lifestyle. After working in the kitchens of a number of popular Alpine Valleys venues, Charles dined at Gapsted Wines and was so impressed with the food presentation that he decided Head Chef Leon was someone he wanted to learn from. We were thrilled to take on Charles as an apprentice, now nearing the end of his 2nd year, to help him develop his skills and nurture another young person through the beginnings of their career. Charles is loving working with the quality produce we have in our region and especially enjoys the positive feedback from customers. Our head Chef Leon Dammenhayn has really enjoyed having Charles on board, who contributes to the energy of the kitchen with a quiet calmness, and says he’s a hardworking, efficient and talented young chef who has a very bright future ahead of him.

So welcome Charles, we love having you the team!
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