NEW LOOK for Alpine Road

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NEW LOOK for Alpine Road

Our Alpine Road range has a fresh new look!

To explain how we got here, we need to start with where it all began…

The Tobacco Road story begins in 1956 with a young John Cavedon, his mother and aunty pushing their car down a long muddy road while his father is at the wheel. There’s no petrol in the car and no money to buy it. A young photographer with a keen eye for capturing real life images (Jeff Carter) happens along, takes this award winning iconic shot and called it ‘Tobacco Road’. 40 years on, John Cavedon and a group of like-minded families founded the winery now known as Gapsted Estate, just 2km from where the iconic image was taken.

The original Tobacco Road range, launched in 2006, was a reflection of the region’s tobacco growing heritage and included an illustration of this iconic photo on the label from 2008. In 2019 the Tobacco Road illustration was removed from the label and a new illustration was created to better reflect our sense of place on the Great Alpine Road in the Alpine Valleys and the history of the region from growing tobacco to now a renowned grape growing region. In 2020 the range name was changed to Alpine Road to reflect this.

The 2024 evolutionary changes pay homage to history of the Great Alpine Road and the original Tobacco Road label while introducing a fresh colour palate and layered textures. It celebrates the joyful discovery of classic and emerging varieties that is reflective of our Alpine Road wine range.

We invite you to continue on this journey with us!

The first releases online under the new label are:

Gold-medal winning Alpine Road NV Prosecco - available online only

Alpine Road 2023 Pinot Grigio - available online and at our Cellar Door

Alpine Road 2022 Tempranillo - online only and new to the Alpine Road range

Alpine Road 2023 Sangiovese Rosé - available online and at our Cellar Door

Alpine Road 2022 Pinot Noir - available online and at our Cellar Door

Alpine Road 2022 Merlot- available online only

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